by San Page

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ⓢ The copyright in this sound recording is owned by San Page
© 2019 San Productions

These days, people have lost their connection with many powerful elements of energy and nature; sound being one of them as a means of healing and brain entertainment.

Creation of healing music has only been possible through technological advancement in the last 100 or so years, the use of this natural science dates back thousands of years. Ancient cultures were aware of how the brain could be entrained through sound repetition well before modern science was able to prove the process.If we look back through history, we find many examples of music being used as medicine and therapy.

Ancient music was often much more diverse in terms of harmonics, sometimes incorporating the copied rhythms of nature — animals running, winds blowing, ocean sounds, etc.This length of brain wave is associated with deep meditations, trance states of mind, access to the unconscious, REM sleep and increased creativity.

The concept of “right brain” and “left brain” is a proven one; the right side of the brain largely governs creative and intuitive thinking, while the left side largely governs logic, mathematics, and rote learning. The two hemispheres are not like halves of a ball; they are physically separate and are joined only by one fibrous connection (called the Corpus Callosum) which allows communication between the two hemispheres and therefore helps balance our thinking/functioning.

I’d advise you to start with frequencies coherent to your present state so that your brain attunes more steadily.

Always keep in mind that the first and foremost purpose of my craft is to balance your brain.


released November 18, 2019
Music & Theme - San Page
Vocals - Milasa
Bass - Ian De Souza
Flute - John Devitt
Rhodes - Darryl Rodrigues
Classical guitar - Noel D Souza
Piano & Papaya branch pipe - San Page
Music Arranged & Mixed - San Page @San Productions


all rights reserved



San Page Surrey, British Columbia

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